Saturday, May 07, 2005

'Just need an Idea'

In my previous blog I spoke about Suhas.

Lets take him as an example to explore on 'just need an Idea'.

A bit of history, Suhas was born in Yearcaud and studied in Montfort Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School(1.3 lacs/year). Has spent a long time in Yercuad... far away from the city and in the wild. He had spent his free time exploring the place.

He then moved on and settled in Bangalore. The land of opportunity but was soon bored with the fast pace of life. He decided to settle in Yercuad. Bought land about 12km from the Yercuad city and started his own plantation growing coffee, oranges and pepper(oak trees for support). He also decided that he would operate as a Trek guide and to organise group activities[company outings]. His wife sells pickels, jams, chocolates and organises lunch/dinner for the group.

Meeting new people and developing a business apart from his plantation. 'Just need the right idea'. I wanted to use him as an example to let people know there is more to life than IT. Opportunities are in plenty... be on the look out.


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