Saturday, September 23, 2006

Commute Easy - Lets make a better Bangalore

Hey guys!

As you are all aware, the traffic scene is Bangalore is going from bad to worse. To help alleviate this problem, a friend of mine has recently launched a website to help commuters across Bangalore find potential partners for carpooling.

It’s a free service.

For this to really work and make a difference, it is important that more and more people are aware of it. It will be great if you can help in spreading the word by passing on this message to people you know.

A little something about Commute Easy!

What is Commute Easy?

Commute Easy is a pooling initiative that aims to make your daily commute easier by connecting you to commuters across Bangalore who share your route. By opting to go the commute easy way, you can
· Help decongest traffic in Bangalore.
· Lower your own travel costs and stress levels.
· Bring about a reduction in pollution levels.
· Broaden your social network.

The URL for the site is .This is a free service.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, my name's Fabio and I work for SAP Ireland in Galway. I'm in Bangalore Sap Labs for a few weeks and have to say I'm pretty shocked with the pollution situation here. The worse is that out of all cars i saw, average 1 out of 10 carry more than 1 person.
Car pooling is great Idea, it's fun and help to save money on petrol (can share) I'm doing this in Ireland and allows to meet new colleagues and make new friends on top of help the enviroment and you don't get bored in the car. Make this place less polluted, each one of you can help. Remember.

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