Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Online Affairs

"role of the Internet in the future will be as a source of affairs."

Women in a chat room are often surprised at what develops in a fairly short period of time. At first the conversation is stimulating, though flirtatious. Quickly, however, women are often confronted with increasingly sexual questions and comments. Even if the comments don’t turn personal, women find themselves quickly sharing intimate information about themselves and their relationships that they would never share with someone in person.

reference :

It is an interesting article and a must read... but I have been wondering...

Is it all about 'SEXual affairs' ? Do Emotional Affairs exists? Is the INTERNET an important source of Emotional Affairs?

I feel that Emotional Affairs are a big threat to existing relationships.

Most people have very busy schedules... (working couples... when one is free the other is not... can you blame them?) People feel lonely and try to find other means of entertainment... someone to talk to... to share their problems and views... mailing, chatting and the saga continues. The people involved develop an emotional relationship.... An Emotional Affair.

No relationship can compete with a cyberaffair. Its all a fantasy... taking you away from the reality.