Friday, June 10, 2005

Stock Markets - A mystery to solve

Stock Markets are a mystery. Can anyone solve this mystery?

Can anyone understand Stock markets? People who claim are liars.

I have started to invest in the stock market and have been wondering what is going on? Why are the stock prices going up or going down. - 'Understanding trends'. Can I understand treands? I guess not.

Anyone who thinks can understand the stock market just tell me how Wipro market price moved from 624 to 734 in just a week. I tried to understand the reson behind it but could find none.

My friend Chirdeep Sheety... told me to invest in Tata Infotech as he had inside information and that the stock price would increase by 20%. 'Insider Information' - makes a difference...??

Stock Markets are based more on sentiment than on common sense.