Thursday, August 25, 2005

Investing in a Bullish Market

With the Sensex at an all time high are retail investors confused (what to invest in, what to sell and what to buy), are in danger of loosing their investments? The stock market is unpredictable anything can happen but every analyst would say

'Invest in a company whose fundamentals are strong'.

But then how do we take advantage of market sentiment? Make a quick buck but not at the risk of loosing our hard earned money. I guess it’s not possible to have the cake and eat it too.

What Retail investors fail to realize is that

1. Institutions are index movers and have access to information and research inputs.
2. Market prices are not indicators of the fundamentals of a company.
3. Market is speculative and not rational. There is no fixed formula... at times its better not to determine a formal process or formulae because it just does not exist.

It is difficult to choose a stock at this stage and very difficult to differentiate between good and bad investments. It’s a difficult line to tread. I guess at this stage the best option is to get some professional help[analysts, stock brokers...].

I am no analyst but these are some stocks with great fundamentals.

1. ABB [Read Outlook Money for detailed information on this stock]
2. Bajaj Hindustan [It doing great and has a great prospect, good business model and demand]
3. ICICI Bank [Speculative]

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Come join us - Be a Part of 'Mensa'

[Advt] Mailing List for mensa Aspirants in Bangalore

As you may be aware, testing in Bangalore for admission to mensa has been on hold for a while now. However, we are looking to conduct at least one test before the end of this year (2005).

Unlike previously, tests will require pre-registration and will not be held every month. Our current target is to have 2-3 tests every year. Hence it is important for aspirants to be well informed about proposed tests.

We have created a new e-group for the same which is at It would be great if you would forward this information to anyone who may be interested in appearing for the mensa test so that they can join as a member of the group. The group is moderated i.e, only the moderator can post and members cannot see other member's details, so nobody needs to fear spam as a result of joining the group.

Related Link: mensa india (bangalore) Official Website

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Moving on in Life

So far its just been stocks, vat, steve jobs,..., dreams... now its bit about my work life.

I was with ThoughtWorks for the past two years(2003-05). It was a great place to work. What made my experience so wonderful?? The people around me... helpful, passionate about Technolgy, friendly.

Opportunities are every where... just depends on how you make use of these opportunities. 'Some are lucky' - they are at the right place at the right time with the correct frame of mind whereas 'others are not lucky' - not at the right place at the right time.

I probably did not make use of some of the opportunities that came my way in ThoughtWorks. Probably because I was scared... What did I learn - never give up and never believe that you cannot do anything. Just take it up and go ahead. If you dont take it up at the right time its gone and you will feel left out.

I am now at SAP Labs. Have taken up a challenge to try something different in life. So far its been development on Java/J2EE... Here in SAP I will be playing a TechnoFunctional Role. Something different and my designation is 'Solution Management Specialist'.

I have been told that I would be involved in developing prototypes which if approved moves on to development. Not sure how things would be but sounds very interesting.

I joined SAP on 20th July. I have been through the induction program. The induction program was great. We were a group of 20 people who joined together. It was so much fun... meeting new people, making new friends, learning and sharing experiences... I had a blast. Should say interesting and good people to meet and spend time with.

Today I have finally joined my team. Everything seems so new... I miss the training and how I wish I was there. Laughing and talking with everyone... Training was fun I want to be there.