Saturday, November 04, 2006

Sparsh, Make a Difference...

I am part of SAPPORT and mostly involved in activities concerning Janodaya.

I had a personal motive (b-school admission) to join SAPPORT but when I first visited the Child Care Center I was touched.

Can you imagine 130 children, staying together, having fun, studying and all they want is to be treated as equals and time from us (representing Secular India). I was amazed at their enthusiasm and ambitions (some want to be doctors others engineers, pilots… and the list is never ending). Imran, the eldest has set a good example. He is now in 12th and has been a good performer for a long time. He will be appearing for CET and is looking forward to do Engineering in R.V.C.E (Karnataka’s No.1 Engineering College).

We as volunteers organize picnics, events (Diwali, Christmas, Family Day, and Charity Week) for the children at the Child Care Center. We also visit the child care center every month to teach, play and understand them better. Spending time with them makes me happier.

This year I will be involved in the week of service. Where we have numerous projects and we can be involved in a few. I am looking forward to the week of service focusing on physically challenged children.

Sparsh, Make a difference… The theme of the Charity Week ’06.

Janodaya, The Childcare Center, Karnataka

SAP Labs India supports a Child Care Center in the state of Karnataka in India that is home to children from disadvantaged sections of society.

A large proportion of these children belong to parents who are awaiting trial in a court of law for alleged criminal offences. The other children are either orphans, those of single mothers - belonging to the 'temple prostitutes' community - or from very poor economic backgrounds.

At the center which is run by the NGO Janodaya, children are provided with a place to stay, meals, schooling, medical care and counseling.

The ultimate aim, however, is their overall development. Labs India is, therefore, committed to engaging with these children beyond their educational needs. Children who will be completing their 10th standard will be assisted in taking up college education or given professional training that would equip them to become self-reliant.

SAPPORT : CSR Initiative at SAP Labs India

In line with SAP’s commitment to the communities in which we live and work, Labs India has been actively driving and participating in various projects that focus on education and children. We also support disaster relief and rehabilitation projects, while engaging in community building with an aim towards all round development of the community and its people.

Employees at SAP Labs India are also enthusiastic about corporate giving, whenever the need arises.

Our role as a concerned corporate citizen is largely driven by SAPPORT, the corporate social responsibility initiative at Labs India.

SAPPORT Projects/Initiatives:
  • Rehabilitation of Tharangambadi, Tamilnadu
  • The Childcare Center, Karnataka