Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Brighter Side of things

The IT Capital of India, the Drunken Town, and the Garden City.... are we talking about Bangalore? Yes we are. Bangalore has a cosmopolitan culture and is a great place to live. "Nama Benguluru"

Today, Bangalore is know for traffic jams, horrible infrastructure and to top it all the Congress led government is not interested in improving the situation.

Can/Should we rate Bangalore only on just two parameters 'Traffic and Infrastructure'? Should we look at the brighter side of things? I think we should.

It was early in the morning in Mahatma Gandhi Park on MG Road... I was on my way for a morning walk. An elderly lady in her late 70's said it is such a beautiful morning and that she is blessed to be in a place as beautiful as Bangalore.

This incident made me realize that there is lots to Bangalore that we ignore and just crib about what is not good but we should realize that 'The cup is half full not half empty'. We should also look at the brighter side of things.